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The Best Money Management Program for Kids

Welcome to Money 101 School, the leading online platform dedicated to empowering children with essential money skills during their holiday breaks from school. Our comprehensive and engaging online holiday course is designed for kids aged 8-12, offering expert guidance on financial literacy and money management that kids can access from the comfort of their own home.

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Engaging and Interactive Online Lessons

Our interactive online lessons for kids make learning about money enjoyable and effective, fostering a strong understanding of key financial concepts.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our holiday course covers vital money topics, including budgeting, saving, spending, and more, providing children with a solid foundation in financial literacy.

Flexible Holiday Schedule

With our online format, you have the flexibility to enroll your child during holiday periods, ensuring they can develop crucial money skills at their own pace.

Interactive Games and Activities

Our course includes fun activities, games, and quizzes to reinforce learning, making it an interactive and engaging experience for children.

Research-backed Resources and Tools

We provide practical resources and tools that empower children to apply their money knowledge to real-life situations, cultivating responsible financial habits.

Youtube Video Link (incase it’s blocked) The Money 101 Course

Money skills for life

Equips kids with vital concepts that will serve them every day 

Fun and engaging

Learn through puzzles, discussions and challenges

Sparks curiosity

Kids can explore their own questions around money 

An interactive holiday course

Taught by a qualified teacher and experienced tutor

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